GSBA History

The Greater Shepparton Basketball Association (GSBA) has for the last 20 years, had local competition in both seniors and juniors across 7 clubs, squad junior teams competing across the state representing this region and a senior representative program. This has been a training ground for our elite athletes who are very much recognised at State level.

Local Competition

  • Our membership base is in excess of 1500 We have two seasons a winter and summer season with over 100 teams of seniors and junior players throughout the year, as well as Life member’s administrators, referees, coaches and team managers. The teams play on four nights throughout each term and some of our senior competitions play over school holidays.

Life Members

Basketball in Shepparton has a proud history which has evolved from merging of two associations to the present form we know today.

In recognition of a part of that history below is a list of the life members of the Associations.

Shepparton Association Mooroopna Association
Dick Clayton (Inaugural President and first Life Member) Stan Watt
Betty McConnell Val Hayes
Frank Hutton Ray Nioa
Noel Browne  
Shane O’Brien  
Adrian Harris  
Shepparton/Mooroopna Association Greater Shepparton Basketball Association
Irene Young Mal Watt
Jim Wilson Joan McAuliffe
Robert Speedy Frame Rex Collard
  Bill McCarthy
  Judy Bogdan
  Alison Mastin
  David Freer
  Pat Edwards
  Dianne Lundberg
Tony Long
  Russell Parker
  Keith Rensford
  Deenie Rensford
  Mary-Ann Barton
  Jodie Freer
  Chris Judd

To nominate someone for Life membership please fill in the form below prior to our AGM held after October each year.

Life Membership nomination form

life membership