The Greater Shepparton Basketball Association (GSBA) is working hard to raise funds for a new basketball stadium. The Committee of Management have $100,000 invested thus far and have developed a new campaign that everyone can contribute by simply recycling their favourite drink container.

“We are always looking at ways we can raise funds to grow our wonderful game of basketball and when the container deposit scheme was established, we thought this was a practical way to support our sport” said GSBA President Peter Sutherland.
Now when people recycle their cans and bottles, rather then receiving the refund, they can choose to have this donated to the GSBA. Download the COS app, click on the donations button, search for “Greater Shepparton Basketball Association”, click on the association name and there will be a bar code that Foott Waste staff will scan for the money to be deposited into the GSBA.

“100% of the funds raised will go towards our infrastructure improvement program,” said Mr Sutherland.

“We are working really hard with Greater Shepparton City Council, to advocate for a new stadium and this fundraising initiative will help demonstrate our strong commitment to getting more courts for Shepparton”.

Foott Waste owners Jenny and Peter Foott said that these initiatives are what they envisaged with the hugely successful CDS initiative. “We’ve been involved in sporting and community clubs our whole lives, and we know hard it is to raise funds. The CDS is a great way to financially help clubs and community organisations,” said Peter Foott.

The GSBA is looking at other fundraising initiatives, partnering with the Australian Sports Foundation to offer tax deductibility status for donations for a new Shepparton stadium.

”This will go live shortly and is something we will promote in the lead up to the end of financial year”, said Mr Sutherland. “Rather then give your money to the tax office, how about a new stadium instead.”

To lodge your cans for GSBA use the below code or bar code Supported by Foott Waste